Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why blog on Project Management?

A blog on Project Management, what could be more boring!

Well yes, that may be true, but what I hope to accomplish with this blog is to share real stories of project management with my peers, who can hopefully learn from my successes and especially from my mistakes. I have found that while there is a lot of dry literature out there on project management methodology, there is not a lot written about real application of project management principles. And while there are many people who can recite the PMBOK, they have real trouble driving projects to on-time on-budget delivery. So, hopefully, we will talk about that.

I myself am studying for the PMP after putting it off for many a year, so provided I do indeed pass, I will share some study tips.

Lastly I hope to make my readers laugh from now and then, and I also plan on hitting leadership topics hard as I believe that is what makes a great PM.

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